Student Registration

Welcome to New Student & Kindergarten Registration

Student Registration is the first step to the enrollment process to register your child as a New Student or a Transfer-In Student.

Due to Covid-19, Student Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will be completed online. You must complete the pre-registration on the Township of Franklin District Website and drop off all of the required documents. Please click here to pre-register.

The District Forms Needed:

Personal Documents Needed:

  • Birth Certificate (copy is acceptable)

  • Photo ID or copy Driver License for Parent/Guardian (optional)

  • Guardianship/Parent(s) Custody Paperwork if applicable)

  • Proof of Residency (details listed below)

  • IEP (if your child has special needs) (provide a copy)

  • 504 Plan (if your child currently has a plan) (provide a copy)

  • Transfer Card (if transferring from another school district) (provide a copy)

Step by Step Guide for the Pre-Registration Process:

Step 1:  Complete the online student pre-registration by clicking here.
Step 2:  Proof of Residency for Franklin Township/Newfield Borough Residents must be provided:
  • Submit copies of any combination of the following: property tax bill; deed; contract of sale; settlement papers; lease; signed letter from the landlords; or other evidence of property ownership, tenancy or residency;
  • and a current utility bill; or other evidence of personal attachment to the residence.
If you and your child are residing with another family: the homeowner’s most recent property tax notice or current lease, and they must complete a “statement of residency verification for student enrollment form.” You will also be requested to provide us with a recent bill or piece of mail in your name at this address.

Step 3: Court Documents must be provided (if applicable):
  • If there are court documents regarding the parental custody of your child, or if you are the guardian of the child being registered, a copy of the custody document is required.
Step 4: 

Print out and complete all of the district forms (listed above) required for registration. Submit your complete packet to the district office as indicated in Step 5.

Step 5: 

Kindergarten Registration Documents may be submitted by:

  Drop off: Janvier Elementary School – there is a mailbox labeled "Kindergarten Registration” located at the main entrance of the school.

Mailed: Mary F. Janvier School

Attn: Kindergarten Registration

1532 Pennsylvania Avenue

Franklinville, NJ 08322

Email:  [email protected] (subject line: K-Registration)

 Step 6: Documents for All Other Registrations may be submitted by:

Drop off: Administration Office Building


Township of Franklin Public School District
Attn: Registration
3228 Coles Mill Road
Franklinville, NJ 08322

Email: [email protected](subject line: Registration)

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