Gloucester Co Teacher of the Year Miss Centrella

Miss Jami Centrella, Caroline L. Reutter School English Language Arts Teacher, has been named the Gloucester County Teacher of the Year!
Posted on 08/27/2020
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Prior to becoming a member of the Township of Franklin Public School staff, Miss Centrella was an honors graduate from Rider University and was named the 2013 New Jersey Distinguished Student Teacher. In September 2013, Miss Centrella was appointed as a sixth grade English Language Arts teacher at the Caroline L. Reutter School, and has held that position for the past seven years.  Miss Centrella has demonstrated herself as a highly effective educator. Within her position as an English Language Arts Teacher, Miss Centrella has motivated a vast array of learners with her intriguing lessons and pedagogical methods. 

 Most noted by her colleagues are Miss Centrella’s dedication as an educator and her intrinsic belief that all students can succeed in her class.  Miss Centrella is credited for infusing book club novels into her classroom activities. In book clubs, she encourages students to select books of their common interest, while promoting student facilitated discussions to reinforce higher - level, metacognitive thinking.  While higher order thinking is at the forefront of her activities, she values student engagement in those activities equally as much. She also utilizes feedback to refine her lessons, all while understanding the various needs of her students. She challenges the exceptional students as well as the ones that might be struggling with their learning. 

 As a reflective practitioner and professional in her craft, Miss Centrella is often discussing with administration and colleagues about a new research-based practice that she recently read from a new book, participating in an online discussion forum, or leading a professional learning session.  

 One of Miss Centrella’s colleagues commented that she “has a very authentic, positive rapport with her students.  She makes sure each and every one of them knows how much she values their education…”   “There is no question that she has the respect and admiration of those around her.  Her spirit is infectious!  She is the first to offer a helping hand or even a smile to cheer someone up whether it is a fellow teacher or a student.  She takes to heart each and every student’s success or failure.”

 Miss Centrella demonstrates sound leadership skills by serving as the facilitator for her Professional Learning Community (PLC) and a representative on the District Leadership Committee (DLC).  She is also actively involved in various school-wide committees that contribute to a positive and productive school climate.  School Principal, Mr. Theodore Peters, commented that “Miss Centrella demonstrates the qualities that truly define the role of a “teacher leader” through her development of productive meetings with colleagues, infusion of unique collaboration methods, and continuous motivation to strive for success in everything that she attempts. Her impeccable organization and facilitation methods have allowed her to serve as an exemplary Teacher Leader while utilizing the Connected Action Roadmap framework within her professional learning community and department.  She is not just an asset to our school, but also the district through her demonstration of commitment to the profession, intellectual engagement of her students, and the high standards that she has set for all educators that she encounters.” Additionally, one of Miss Centrella’s fellow departmental colleagues stated, “Miss Centrella is a role model who exemplifies all that is great about our profession”.

 It is with great pride that the Township of Franklin Public School District congratulates Miss. Jami Centrella on being named the 2020-2021 Gloucester County Teacher of the Year!